Chiropractic for people

Effective for a range of musculoskeletal conditions and tailored to the individual, treatment is gentle and suitable for all ages.

Paediatric chiropractic

Gentle treatment for babies and children helps alleviate a number of common paediatric complaints.

Veterinary chiropractic

Adjustments help with injury recovery, enhance performance and help minimize the effects of wear and tear.

Coronavirus – covid 19

Is NGCO open and are you staying open? 

Chiropractic is classed as a medical service and with appropriate covid safety measure in place we will remain open. Practitioners will be following a covid secure protocol and will be wearing appropriate PPE. Information about what is expected and how consultations are undertaken are given to all patients in preparation for their appointment.

Most services available at NGCO are unaffected.

I have an appointment booked. Should I still attend this appointment?

If you have an appointment, please remember you are allowed to leave your home to attend medical appointments such as those booked at NGCO. If you are in a group classed as clinical vulnerable, are over seventy years of age or have a specific concern you may wish to get in touch to discuss your forth coming appointment.

 I have not attended the clinic before. Are new patient appointments at the clinic still available?

Yes, new patient appointments are available. Please email or call the clinic. We may take more detailed information from you prior to your appointment in order to minimise the time you spend in the clinic.

Can online consultations be provided?

Absolutely. If you feel you would rather stay at home but need some advice please get in touch and a zoom consultation can be scheduled. 

NGCO was established in 2014 and houses a range of independent practitioners treating people of all ages from babies to centennials.

As well as chiropractic, we offer massage, baby massage, yoga for adults and children as well as other classes.

The clinic is based in Blaydon, Gateshead close to the A1M. We have onsite parking and all treatment rooms are at ground floor level.

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NGCO Clinic
Good morning!It’s a little frosty 🥶 but the clinic is warm and cosy. Please remember if you can’t make your appointment to let us know in good time so we can help someone on the waiting list. Unfortunately no shows and last minute cancellations will incur a charge. #chiropractic #chiropractor #wellness #respectful #Tuesday ... See MoreSee Less
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Chiropractic means “done by hand.” Although often associated with adjustments (specific manipulative techniques) chiropractic is a profession rather than a technique. We draw upon a number of different clinical skills in assessing, treating and rehabilitating patients.


Chiropractic for babies and children is extremely gentle and often nothing like you’d expect. If you would like to discuss any specific concerns regarding your child please get in touch.


Animal chiropractic has been growing in popularity over the past thirty years since the first college of animal chiropractic Options for Animals opened. Chiropractic for animals is a beneficial adjunct to traditional veterinary medicine. We work with several local vets to manage a variety of conditions in the animal population.